17 March 2010


sometimes i do think muslims are weird. alright it may not be fair stating it in such a way. but i'm just confused and how some muslims can be so fanatic and some just alright with it regarding the halal stuff.

last friday, the teachers had potluck in school for unknown reason. guess for some school break celebration? dont know. whatever. for sure, it was fun cause its so obvious as the presence of food lighted up the 'party'. so, as a considerate non muslim, i brought drinks. bottled. still sealed. tesco coke and lemon lime since i had a few bottles left at home due to cny. everything was fine. the food, the atmosphere until almost at the end, me and the other 2 friends were chatting, one of them was drinking cola which was brought by me, opened by a muslim teacher and drank by mostly muslim teachers, this ustaz who happened to passby stopped and asked my friend.

'kamu minum cola?'

my friend's face was filled with question marks. i wasnt sure whether she was not listening, not clear with the question, shocked or that ustaz was soft. but i was for sure very puzzled. i think that ustaz repeated his question cause my friend's answer was soft and unsure, assuming that she didnt listen. when she clearly said, 'ya' and nodded, that ustaz asked again.

'kamu tak tau ke cola itu bla bla bla....(some terms which i assume it is used for a food or drink that if you are not sure whether its halal or not. to cut it short, that ustaz trying to say its smtg tak halal)'

i remained puzzled and be more observant towards their conversations.

after that ustaz walked off, very naturally i turned to my friend (a muslim. duh!) and asked her,

'kenapa? tak boleh minum cola ke??? tapi cikgu-cikgu lain (muslims too) minum je.'

at first i thought it was the anti-palestin thingie which happened ages ago. so, i was like, 'tak boleh minum lagi ke??? bukan dah lama berlalu???'

then only i knew that was not the case, it was due to the ingredients in cola that made the cola tak halal. my friend said she heard bout it but didnt really pay much attention as she thought it was just some rumours.

and me, trying not to feel guilty, i took the bottle and checked the ingredients. happened to be various types of fats and ah! there was a halal symbol there. i showed my friends and told them, 'jangan risau. ada tanda halal. made in malaysia'.

i was actually forgotten bout it until the news reported that cocacola plans to invest 300millions in malaysia and as far as i know, pm showed quite positive response to it. he's even proud to have that giant brand here. and today, while i was having mcchicken, i realised i was drinking COCACOLA.

so, can you see the conflict here??????????

first, if its tak halal, why is the plan seems to be approved in an islamic country?????????? and getting so much supports from pm???????? very obvious, with that investment which means cocacola is spreading wider wings here. most productions, more promotions, easily reachable, probably cheaper and thus more people drinking it (more sales). second, i can see the muslims are enjoying their meals in mcD with their soft drinks (COCACOLA!).

so????? aren't they weird and confusing??????

11 March 2010

dont worry i'm fine

its getting a little difficult to breathe today, i dont know why. after beating in some abnormally fast rate, my heart started to ache a little. after few hours, the suffocation is back with my heart aching again and i have to stretch myself to get a really deep breath to make sure i am breathing in some air into my lungs. man, what a freakening thing. i understand i may not be very young now but after all i'm not that old for a worn out heart. really hope it is just some normal thing and does not mean anything. ya, that should be it, i'm fine. very fine.

04 March 2010

here he comes...

since weekend i've been waiting and in another 11+ hours, here he comes and here i go.....

***** fingers crossed *****

***** pray hard *****

***** all the best to me *****